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The Fairies


Bax Songs. Jean Rigby, Mezzo-Soprano, Ian Partridge, Tenor, Michael Dussek, Piano.
Dutton CDLX 7136

"It helps that all three of the artists on this recording are so obviously deeply committed to Bax's music. No-one has done more than Ian Partridge to rescue early twentieth century music from the muddy end of the meadow. For her part Jean Rigby is in sumptuous voice. Would any other mezzo have been willing to tackle "At the Last" with a tessitura so low that it seems to be scraping along the gravelly bottom of the stream? But it's Michael Dussek who deserves the lion's share of the honours, for making you take Bax's demanding Piano writing at much more than face value."
International Record Review

"The composer's emotions plus his prowess as a pianist led him to write the most elaborate accompaniments, here brilliantly played by Michael Dussek, making light of the technical difficulties." Penguin Guide to Compact Discs
"The songs' almost operatic lines and undeniably orchestral piano writing are magnificently brought to life by singers Ian Partridge and Jean Rigby, and by the pianist Michael Dussek." Daily Telegraph

"Michael Dussek's accompaniments are a model of scrupulous musicality."

Kenneth Leighton Piano Trio, Partita for Cello and Piano, Metamorphoses for Violin and Piano, with Andrew Fuller, Cello and Lorraine McAslan, Violin.
Dutton CDLX 7108

"The performances (by three superb musicians) are magnificent - pure, nuanced, expressive, even exalted. Dutton's sonics are wonderful: full, vivid, natural, immediate. On every level - music, performance, recording - this is one of the best recordings of modern chamber music you will ever hear."
American Record Guide

"This most impressive disc... is an ideal introduction to this important, but still underrated composer. He is not underrated by these artists, however, who play with passionate conviction and splendid risk-taking attack. "

"There are committed and powerful performances from all three artists, who are completely inside this fine music. This is a first-rate recording, and the recorded sound is in the top flight."
Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

“A beautifully played disc of some fine chamber music.”
Amazon.com 5 stars

2nd Sonata, 1st movement 
Edmund Rubbra Violin Sonatas, with Krysia Osostowicz, Violin.
Dutton CDLX 7107

"Osostowicz and Dussek make out the strongest imaginable case for Rubbra's neglected violin works. Their empathetic ensemble generates performances of flawless integrity and insight, and one wonders why Rubbra's superb Third Sonata, particularly, hasn't secured a niche in the repertoire. Recommended."
BBC Music Magazine 5-star recommendation

“The Third Sonata is a simply wondrous piece... fully deserving of the exalted advocacy it receives on this enterprising anthology. Indeed Osostowicz and Dussek form an outstandingly sympathetic partnership and they are handsomely served by impeccably balanced sound. An invaluable and enormously rewarding release, in sum, enthusiastically recommended."
Gramophone.  Short-listed for Gramophone Award.

"The Second Violin Sonata, with Albert Sammons and Gerald Moore, was the first Rubbra work to reach the gramophone. Although Frederick Grinke and the composer himself recorded it for Decca in the early days of the LP, there has been no decent modern recording. Krysia Osostowicz and Michael Dussek are worth waiting for, since not only the recording but also, surprisingly, the performance eclipses both its distinguished predecessors."
Penguin Guide to Compact Discs.

Recommended in The Good C.D. Guide

“Heartfelt, utterly dedicated playing from this fine duo, beautifully recorded, of some uncommonly rewarding repertoire from the pen of an underrated British master.” Amazon.com 5 stars

Cello sonata 2nd movement
Edmund Rubbra Cello Sonata with Pierre Doumange, Cello. Also Rubbra String Quartets Nos. 1 and 3 played by the Dante Quartet.
Dutton CDLX 7123

“The Dante’s rendition of Rubbra’s four quartets is superb, but the gem here is Pierre Doumange and Michael Dussek’s account of the Cello Sonata” BBC Music Magazine

"Pierre Doumange teams up with pianist Michael Dussek for a cogent and impassioned account of the 1946 Cello Sonata."

"An urgent, profoundly expressive reading of the Cello Sonata."
BBC Music Magazine, 5-star recommendation

Rubbra. String Quartets Nos. 2 and 4, Lyric movement, Meditations on a Byzantine Hymn. Dante String Quartet.
Dutton Epoch CDLX 7114

"Pianist Michael Dussek joins proceedings for a stylish and delectably unforced account of the Lyric Movement of 1929."

Short-listed for Gramophone Award
Recommended in the Good CD Guide

Suite 1st movement with Krysia Osostowicz

Suite 2nd movement

Suite 4th movement
York Bowen Suite for Violin and Piano, Cello Sonata, Violin Sonata. Endymion Ensemble.
Dutton Epoch CDLX 7120

"These musicians play Bowen with dedication and enthusiasm. I particularly commend the pianist, whose warmth of tone and virtuosity reflect the fact that Bowen was himself a pianist. These three works are all major additions to our knowledge of this composer, strong statements from three periods of his compositional life, of consistently high quality, beautifully played."
American Record Guide

Michael Dussek revels in some Rachmaninov-like virtuoso figuration."
BBC Music Magazine

"The rehabilitation of York Bowen continues apace with this appealing triptych of chamber works, passionately performed by members of the Endymion Ensemble."

“The early Suite for violin and piano was written for Fritz Kreisler, and it breathes an air of sultry Romanticism that is highly engaging and may remind you a little of Fauré. Krysia Osotowicz plays here with world-class technique and considerable sensitivity, while Michael Dussek offers hand in glove accompaniment.” 
Amazon.com 5 stars

York Bowen Music for One and Two Pianos; Michael Dussek and John Reid, Pianos.
Dutton CDLX7218

Best of the Year Discs for 2009, Audiophile Audition

"Listening to the compositional polish of these works, to their easy fluency, their approachable demeanor, and clear inspiration, I find it a wonder that one doesn’t hear this repertoire more often…The performance is a joy: Dussek and Reid (actually a pupil of Dussek’s) play as one, reacting to the music’s changes of direction with quicksilver responses….the finale (the ninth variation) presents appropriate fireworks, beautifully and excitingly rendered here by Dussek and Reid.”

“The two-piano repertoire is small enough to make this an important release in any case, but the quality of these works and the performances of them here are such that this deserves to be widely heard.”
International Record Review

Bantock Violin Sonatas Nos 1 and 2; Coronach; Salve Regina. Lorraine McAslan Violin, Michael Dussek Piano. 
Dutton CDLX 7119

"McAslan and Dussek play as if they believe in every note - as perhaps they do - and it's difficult to believe the Sonatas could have more eloquent and effective advocacy"
International Record Review

"These interpretations are consistently compelling and sure-footed. This is another winning addition in what is turning out to be an invaluable series."

“Lorraine McAslan brings a lovely, mellow tone to the central movement of no.1, and more succulent tone plus characterful double-stopping to the opening of no.2. Michael Dussek’s piano playing – always excellent – is varied, alert and supportive.”
The Strad

“The performances are utterly committed and the sound is top-notch.”Amazon.com 5 stars

Bantock Cello Sonatas in B minor, and F# minor, solo Sonata in G minor. Andrew Fuller Cello, Michael Dussek Piano.

Dutton CDLX 7107

“First-rate performances of some appealing cello rarities”
Editor’s Choice, Gramophone Magazine
Recommended in The Good CD Guide

Hurlstone Sonata 4th movement
Hurlstone, Parry Cello Sonatas, Harty Romance and Scherzo, Waldesstille, Schmetterling. Andrew Fuller Cello, Michael Dussek Piano.
Dutton Epoch CDLX 7102

"Andrew Fuller and Michael Dussek's performances are accomplished, committed and exceptionally well prepared and Dutton's excellent recorded sound beautifully complements the superb ambience of the Henry Wood Hall."

"A splendid performance and recording".
Penguin Guide to Compact Discs
Amazon.co.uk 5 stars.

Demande et Réponse

Coleridge-Taylor. Violin Sonata, African dances, Hiawathan sketches, Petite Suite de Concert. David Juritz Violin, Michael Dussek Piano.
Dutton CDLX 7127

"David Juritz and Michael Dussek play this charming music beautifully and tastefully. They make it very clear that as a violin composer of light and entertaining music, Coleridge-Taylor belongs in a class with people like Kreisler, Bridge and Elgar.”
American Record Guide

Well worth a listen, especially as David Juritz and Michael Dussek sound as if they have been playing the music for many moons. The recording is outstandingly clean and true."

"The performances here are excellent".
Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

“My particular favourite is the compelling Sonata in D minor which, surprisingly, was not successful in its own time. It is richly and perfectly recreated here by Juritz and Dussek.”
Amazon.com 5 stars

Gordon Jacob Chamber Music, including Oboe Sonata, with Sarah Francis.
Dutton CDLX 7177

“These uniformly understanding performances have been beautifully engineered, and this is indeed a desirable anthology.”

Sonata in E major, op.11
Benjamin Dale: Works for Violin and Piano, Sonata in E major, op.11 (1922) Lorraine McAslan Violin, Michael Dussek Piano.
Dutton Epoch 7157

"For those of you who like the early-20th century school of English music, this CD is for you. Highly recommended."

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